Buddha Affinity Quest

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Buddha Affinity Quest

Post by king123456king on 01.03.10 22:46

1.) Talk to Zhou Yixian when you reach level 90 ascended.

2.) Choose Buddha Path - Then talk to Ancient Buddha @ HS

3.) He'll ask you to give 3 npcs 20 gold each

FW Beggar Dai
AC Uncle Wang
(Forgot the other one, lol)

And Kill 50 snow bears in kunlun - use your pet to tank them

4.)Go back to Ancient Buddha.
You'll be asked to kill heart demon incantation.
you'll be automatically teleported to kunlun celestial fairyland
you'll be automatically given a range weapon with a skill (range)

This boss is a real **** in the ***.
Don't let him attack u or else it will kill you instantly.
Yeah, your pet wont do any good either.
The mobs around him do around -1k damage.

kill some mobs first using the skill.
then use the skill on the boss.
you must run around in circles in order for him not to hit you.

each skill damages him by 2%, so yeah - you'll have to hit him 50 times with it

5.) Go back to source of ancient Buddha

Grats, you now have Buddha affinity. p06 p06

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