[Guide] Ethics Quest

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[Guide] Ethics Quest

Post by king123456king on 01.03.10 23:17

Character Requirements:
Students must be at-least Level 1 to 75
Teachers must be at-least Level 105 to 150

How to Recruit:
* Teacher and Student must be in the SAME Channel.
* Meet at Heyang City (para cute) happy.gif

* Teachers = Recruiter
He/She will be the one who will admit his/her Student.

* Students = Apprentice
He/She will receive an Invitation Message coming from the Teacher.

How to Start the Quest:
* Teachers must be the Party Leader to enable the Quest.
* Go to the NPC Ethics Quest Tao Danqing at Heyang City (170, 110).


* Teachers will get the MasterHood Disciple Quest

* Students will then be asked to do Four (4) Sub Quests.

* The Teacher must be with the Student because there would be some quests that the teacher needs to LURE AWAY or to KILL some monsters for the Students.

* The FIRST 3 Sub-quests: Exp. 1, 2 & 3 will be RANDOM and done at Azure Cloud Temple Map

What Item(s)/Boss Needed for the Quest:
Water Break Pearl ~ Haoting Lake (87, -225)
Fire Free Pearl ~Cabala Fire Sect Head Altar (-448 -445)
Celestial Grass Pearl ~ Welkin Reaching Apex (322 227)
Ice Crystal Jade Lotus Pearl ~ Azure Cloud Black Hill (218, 448),
Kill Zaho Jianhao ~ Secluded Mystique Place (-406 -38)

* While the Last Quest or Exp. 4 Quest will always involve KILLING Xao Wannian at Incense Valley (-258 347).

* After the Student Finished the Four Sub-quests, they will submit it again to Tao Danqing.

* The Teacher then will automatically receive Flowers of Peach and Plum and submit it again to Tao Danqing to Claim their REWARDS Very Happy

To AVOID Failed Quest:
* Do not ADD any other People to your party
* Avoid Leaving the Party / Disconnecting from the Server. sarcastic_hand.gif

Students will gain:
* 70 Taichi
* 25 Ethics Points

Teachers will gain:
* 10 Taichi
* 50 Ethics Points

In addition with this, Teacher can Recruit MORE Students every-time their Ethics Points reach Maximum Points (350/350) give_heart.gif

You can also consume Ethics Points for your Masterhood Skills


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Re: [Guide] Ethics Quest

Post by angels4cat on 20.03.10 2:01

nice guide..



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Re: [Guide] Ethics Quest

Post by glenz10 on 22.03.10 0:45


if student reaches to lvl90 he or she will get a RI set

dont know where to get it..

just read from jd guide


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Re: [Guide] Ethics Quest

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