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Post by Guest on 17.03.09 2:19

Hi any1 knows how to set the bot to pot?. I have pots in my inventory however, the bot keeps saying that i have none.

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Re: Potting

Post by vuduy on 17.03.09 9:08

The default behavior for alerting "Out of HP/MP Item" is when the quantity in bag is only 1 left. I don't use item mall pills; that is why I'm not aware of this "problem". If you are using item mall pills and you only have 1 quantity of the pill, it will report nonstop.

The temporary solution is either buy some HP/MP items from the doctor, or uncheck the "Out of HP/MP item" in the Alert tab.

Next update will be in a few days... with support for ZX-VN build 1241 with Pet NPC and everything else.
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