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Re: SIN 1.20b

Post by uzumymw on 09.05.09 22:58

mockie wrote:So far I'm not experiencing anything during grinding. Tested it on BB, AC and HS all are working fine.

I had a bit problem with KS. I've been trying different resolutions, but the female char stops. It's like it can't find her NPC (Xu Qingyi). If I may suggest, is it possible to use Mark Location which is located on the upper right corner? It also has the specific coordinates of the NPCs. Maybe if this is used there won't be any need for adjusting resolution screens. I don't know if you already know this or have done this.

Self type trigger shows the "#AOE monsters are greater than". I think it should be "Repeat by timer in minutes"

Thank you!


i got same problem when changing resolution to 1024X768

it would be much better if u will use it in 800 X 600.

Lag can cause the SIN to have error, & in doing KS just leave the pc alone let SIN do the quest. dont open any thing. this is for my experience.


Thanks Sir vuduy for this update downloading......
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Re: SIN 1.20b

Post by SuperBotter on 10.05.09 0:16

oreylabot wrote:thanks for the update ... hope auto fish will be activated for ph user coz i kinda miss it.... fishing time was my first money making raket before using SIN had to create 3 account with full lvl 10 char just to get bait every 3 hours lol :cheers:
I got 4 accounts lvl 17 all young paladin XD

ohh i miss those days, I still get baits though (for Wizard quest)

yeah looking forward to auto-fishing hahaha, and poem quest rocks :cheers:
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Re: SIN 1.20b

Post by mockie on 10.05.09 1:32

KS is doing better at 1.20c

even if im doing something else it doesn't interrupt ks. just make sure your backpack is not full.
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Re: SIN 1.20b

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