[ Guide ] Torrent Vermillion Quest

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[ Guide ] Torrent Vermillion Quest

Post by hudas087 on 16.05.09 12:21

Torrent Vermillion Quest

The Galaxy Challenge event started on Wednesday. Thursday and Saturday. 8.30pm to 10.30pm

First of all, the event will start around 8.30pm when the mobs will spawn

10.30pm, the bosses will disappear whether you are killing or anything.

Get the Quest here

There will be three or four possible spawning area for each boss.

1st Boss location : At Fish Brook (Red circles)

2nd Boss location : Near Loyality Stele, the road along Abandon Ferry (Light Blue Circles)

3rd Boss location : Around the area above FullMoon well (Dark Blue Circles)

4th Boss location : In front of Temple of Dragon King or near the water above the ferry (Light Green Circles)

5th Boss location : Area around Stone Mound (Blue Circles)

6th Boss location : Torrent Water Village and Blood Spider Area (Be careful, they are all aggro) -> (Yellow Circles)

7th Boss location : Both sides and in front of To and Fro Mountain Hall (Pink Circles)

In two hours' time, you can at least do 3 times ;D

But if you kill fast and the channel don't have any ksing or like two teams in on channel, you can do up to 5 times if everything go smoothly.


Don't hand it the quest first after you are done with the first round, instead go on to Azurez NPC and take again the quest, do until you are out of time. The belts will not disappear after 10.30pm, so dont worry.

3 rounds is about 2 level for a lvl 60, so imagine if a level 45 can do it 3 rounds haha, maybe 2 and a half lvl?

tnx for reading
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Re: [ Guide ] Torrent Vermillion Quest

Post by giveme on 18.05.09 0:39

thanks for the guide ^^,
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