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Post by jack75 on 11.06.09 0:28

Have you guys tried having your two characters at same level (like mine both 90) perform a duel by themselves?

It's kinda fun seeing them doing their stunts at each other with you just watching, with none of your hands on the keyboard.

How to do it?

Character 1 & 2

- Setup your skill triggers that you'd like to execute in a duel
- Make sure to put "Target is a player" in each of those skills.
- Enable PK mode in Game Tab (You might also need to activate PK mode in the game client).
- If you don't want them to use pots/regen, then disable Auto-Recovery and Auto-Meditate.

You might have to disable the buff skill triggers also because moment you hit "Start" button, those buffs will execute in duel.

To begin, activate the DUEL for each character by inviting one and accepting it.

Click START in your SIN quickly for both characters and watch them fight each other.

This is actually a good way of testing and tuning your skill triggers in PK Mode so that your character will have a chance to fight back well in case an aggressive player decides to attack you thinking that you are AFK/boting.

Have fun ^_^

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